A list of things that Mike has done at various times, in various different places, and accompanied by various different people.


Height: 6'5"  /  

Weight: 220  /  

Hair: Light Brown  /  

Eyes: Blue

Commercial Experience

List available.

Film & TV Experience

Fox NFL Kickoff

Uncle Sam

Charlie Pelletier

You Can Do Better

Supporting Player

Jeffrey K. Miller

Pair of Kings

Manager Pete

Leonard Garner Jr.

Zombies & Cheerleaders

Zombie Pilgrim

Todd Schulson

Late Show With David Letterman

NBA Player

Jerry Foley

Theatrical Experience

God's Ear

Flight Attendant/G.I.Joe

Viaduct Theatre

A Christmas Memory

Odd Henderson

Royal George Theatre

Patient #1

The Agent

WNEP Theatre

Cowboy Birthday Party


Steppenwolf Garage

The Foreigner

Froggy Leseur

Washington Center

Twelfth Night


Brooks Center

Death of a Salesman


Warehouse Theatre

The Hot 1 Baltimore

Paul Grangre III

Bellamy Theatre

The Lost Colony (dir. Terrence Mann)

Ananais Dare

Waterside Theatre

Much Ado About Nothing


Brooks Center

A View from the Bridge


Bellamy Theatre

Improvisation Experience

Groundling Sunday Company

Cast Member

Groundlings Theatre

Jetson Lounge

Cast Member

Second City Hollywood Thunderdome

Tim Ryder & Friends

Cast Member

Second City Training Chicago

Stunted Growth

Cast Member

Apollo Studio Theatre

Navy Pier Pressure

Cast Member

Second City Skybox Chicago

Groundlings School  -  Christen Sussin, Drew Droege, Karen Maruyama

Upright Citizens Brigade  -  Brian Finkelstein, Conservatory at Second City - Michael Gellman, Tim O'Malley

iO Chicago  -  Kevin Sciretta, Susan Messing, Annoyance Theatre - Lilly Allison


Bachelor of Arts Degree in speech and communication studies with a Minor in theatre from Clemson University

Current cast member of Groundlings Sunday Company


Current cast member of Groundlings Sunday Company